What should I read this summer?

Basically, whatever books you find interesting! We do have some specific expectations, though:

There are two main categories of summer reading for Christchurch students:

  1. Reading required for all regular Humanities classes and most ESL classesHumanities 9/10/11/12 expectations are listed directly below; ESL students should follow the link or the tab above for additional requirements.

  2. Reading and assignments required for Honors Humanities courses, and all other Honors coursesUse these links or the tabs at the top of the site to find these requirements.

Summer Reading—

all Humanities classes

Over the summer, students entering Humanities 9, 10, 11, and 12 (non honors sections) are expected to:

  • read at least TWO books from the CCS Book Recommendations tab above or the More Book Options booklist.
    • Choose these yourself; it’s summer, so find books you know you’ll enjoy! You may NOT count the assigned summer reading book for an honors course as one of your two Humanities summer reading choices—these two books must be books you choose.


That’s it! That’s really all. Just read. When you return to your Humanities class in September…

  • be prepared to thoughtfully discuss both of your books, as well as the experience of selecting and reading them; this will likely include giving a book talk to your Humanities class in the first week of school.
  • be prepared to discuss or write about your thoughts on your books the first day of class. You should not write up a formal report ahead of time; just find books you’ll enjoy and read them over the summer. However, especially if you read your books earlier in the summer, it would be wise to refresh your memory about your books a few days before classes begin.