What should I read this summer?

Read any two books that you find interesting.

(That’s pretty much it.)

You should pick your books from the CCS Book Recommendations tab above, or from links on the More Book Options tab.

…the book recommendations are all from teachers or staff here at CCS. When you go to the tab, you can choose individual teachers and see what books they think you might find interesting or important and enjoy reading! You can also use the tag cloud to the right to choose books by teachers or by subject/genre.

If you are an ESL student:

you should choose ONE book from the lists above on your own, plus use the ESL tab to see the additional book you should read.

That’s it!

When you return to your Humanities class after summer break…

  • be prepared to thoughtfully discuss both of your books, as well as the experience of selecting and reading them; this will likely include sharing a book talk or review of your book with your Humanities class in the first week of school.
  • You should not write up a formal report ahead of time; just find books you’ll enjoy and read them over the summer. However, especially if you read your books earlier in the summer, it would be wise to refresh your memory about your books a few days before classes begin.

…but what about honors courses?

Well, because course schedules won’t be created until mid-July, summer work for honors courses will be different this year. There won’t be any major work to complete. Instead, when schedules are finalized, your teacher will contact you directly with any readings they want you to complete before the course begins.